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Business Process Management

Helps Customers to extract maximum out of the existing assets and investments.

Partners with Customers to conceptualize, layout the master plan, consult, plan, implement, maintain, improve and reap the benefits in a periodical time frame.

The Modus operandi would be, to engage your teams in various entities with a common single goal, so as to layout the master strategy with individual milestones to achieve.

Through the consulting engagement, OSAI deals with the preparatory business modeling task with all the entities involved. For example, if we need to improve the supply chain business process, the engagement starts from Sales target, Master Production Planning, Individual equipment planning, so on and so forth up to material handling.

The clear improvement goals from your business teams will be the appropriate inputs and we focus both on regress business plan backed up with sound technology like IIoT, Big data handling, BI tools, and customized applications.

Mobility will fit naturally into the new scheme of things.

Proof of concepts will be simpler and easier to augment the overall business case.

Vendor agnostic and customized technical solutions will be unbiased and rightly fitting into customer requirements. Long-term Maintenance is the key top-up over the implemented solution.

Once we Identify the area of concern, the Technology sets in. The basic Industry 4.0 framework necessities ubiquitous, insightful data from shop floor to the right resource or management at the right instance. For this, IIoT connects the equipment with the decision process in a synchronous way.

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